From 3 February to 12 May 2014, TAG Farnborough Airport held a consultation as part of an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP).

The consultation closed at 10am on Monday 12 May 2014.

Consultation responses have been collated and are being analysed. A first document, Feedback Report Part A, which provides a summary analysis of the numbers and types of responses received, is available to view here.

A second document, Feedback Report Part B, will provide more details of changes to the airspace design or procedures that are being considered, based on the responses received. This is expected to be published in Summer 2015.

Both these documents will be published under the Consultation Feedback Report section of this website.


On Friday 13th February TAG transferred progression of proposed airspace & route changes over the South Coast to NATS Terminal Control’s London Airspace Management Programme (LAMP).

Whilst these changes over the south coast were covered in TAG Farnborough’s consultation, NATS has taken them on as part of LAMP as they are more relevant to the airspace for which they have responsibility. This transfer was with the agreement of the CAA. The airspace change process has been complied with at all times.

The changes affect the efficiency of the wider airspace network (Southampton and Bournemouth Airport arrivals, as well as arrivals to TAG Farnborough) and primarily affects airspace volumes at or above 6,500ft over the south coast.

Affected parts of the consultation

TAG Consultation Document Part D “Proposed changes between 2,500ft and 7,000ft in the vicinity of Southampton and Bournemouth” has been entirely transferred to NATS LAMP and is no longer part of TAG Farnborough’s proposal.

TAG Consultation Document Part E “Aviation Technical Information” has been partly transferred to NATS LAMP where the airspace over the South Coast is described, for example Section 15 and some paragraphs in Section 5.

The remaining sections, primarily discussing airspace arrangements closer to TAG Farnborough Airport, remain relevant to our ongoing proposal.

All other consultation documents are unaffected by this transfer of area to NATS.

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